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Who We Are

Adirondack Cabling and Security is dedicated to continuing a proud 40-year legacy of meeting the technology and security challenges of our clients with innovative solutions that make our communities smarter and safer.

Our family-owned business has been evolving to meet the changing technology needs of our clients for four decades, and we are ready for whatever exciting developments and opportunities are still to come.

Founded in 1982 by brothers Bob and Jack Womer, Adirondack Cabling and Security first began with wiring telephone PBX systems and data networks. Our company’s growing list of services has developed right alongside the rapid pace of global technological advancements, from fiber optic cable installations in the early 1990s, to cabling systems for wireless devices, to meeting the increased security needs for cities and major corporations beginning in the early 2000s.

In 2017, Bob and Jack’s sons, Bob Jr. and Dave, took ownership of the company. They took up the mantle with decades of their own experience, having spent many formative summers working to learn the family business, and bringing key IT knowledge to the table. They are committed to adhering to the values that have defined Adirondack Cabling and Security since its inception–integrity, innovation, and the excellence that comes from hard work and experience.

Adirondack Cabling and Security is proud of the long tenure of our employees (a company average of 15 years), who bring expertise and incomparable work ethic to every project. A long list of satisfied clients, including the City of Saratoga Springs, Ellis Hospital, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, speak to the quality of our work, and focus on 24/7 customer service.

As technology continues to evolve, Adirondack Cabling and Security is poised to meet the latest and most complex network infrastructure and security needs, providing cutting-edge solutions to build smarter, safer, and better businesses and cities.